The Importance of Omnichannel Marketing in the Modern Landscape

By Jennifer Choo


Omnichannel marketing has become more important than ever. With new platforms and channels emerging, the consumer market is more connected than ever before. To ensure success, modern marketing teams must leverage multiple platforms, while exploring new and innovative strategies to reach their target audiences. 

The world of marketing and advertising is pivoting at a rapid speed. Concepts and methodologies that were cutting edge not so long ago are now imperative elements of the modern marketing strategy.  Among them is Omnichannel marketing and its relevance in modern marketing success

Marketers using three or more channels in any one campaign earned a 287% higher purchase rate than those using a single-channel campaign. omnisend

At a glance, omnichannel marketing is a simple concept; leveraging multiple platforms and methodologies to reach ideal target audiences. In fact, many savvy marketing teams have been leveraging some kind of omnichannel strategy for years. But times have changed and consumer media consumption is more diversified and fragmented than ever before, creating an omnichannel marketing landscape that is brimming with possibilities.

Connected TV Is Booming

Connected TV (CTV) has been on the rise for years and many agile marketing teams have been keeping on close eye on the best ways to leverage it. Thanks to the pandemic, CTV is more prevalent than ever before with a 24% growth in cord-cutting households in 2020 and a projected growth to 35% by 2024

What this means for marketers is a pivot in their media strategies to accommodate this seemingly permanent trend. As we look ahead at what’s next for digital advertising, it is clear that consumer demand will continue to prompt marketing teams to leverage CTV within their omnichannel strategies in a big way.

Streaming Is Taking Over

Streaming services were already rising in popularity before the pandemic hit. Over the past 18 months, with worldwide lock downs keeping everyone apart, consumers looked to new appealing forms of entertainment and connection. As a result, we have seen exponential growth in both streaming channel creation and utilization.

With new streaming services emerging, like Discovery Plus, Disney+ and the numerous others offering exclusive access to content, marketing teams have an ever expanding pool of channels to leverage within their omnichannel strategies.

New Apps for the Win

The last few years have seen an exponential growth in new platforms, resulting in new and creative ways for marketing teams to reach their audiences.  Platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch, YouTube Music, Spotify and more have soared in popularity as the global population has increased their mobile device usage exponentially over the past year.

These new apps present new mediums, methodologies and greater audience reach to agile marketing teams. From the utilization of dynamic marketing creatives and interactive in-app mobile ads, to snackable video content and influencer marketing, the possibilities are really endless. The key to success is keeping watch and leveraging these new platforms within existing or developing omnichannel marketing strategies. 

Video Is Crucial

One thing is very clear in the modern marketing world: video is king. While this is not a new notion, the amount of video that the average consumer encounters on a daily basis has grown exponentially in recent years.
Per the Innovid global trends report, total video impressions grew +81% year over year in April 2021 with 122% growth in video impressions across social platforms.

Video is an easy to digest and entertaining medium. Longer form content can be paired down into snackable video messaging with ease and distributed across numerous platforms for maximum reach. Many channels and apps are leveraging the popularity of video by integrating video into their platforms and savvy marketers are taking full advantage by incorporating various types of video content to run across a host of platforms into their evolving omnichannel marketing strategies.

To Sum It All Up

It is clear that the key to a successful marketing strategy in the modern age is omnichannel marketing. With so many platforms and mediums for consumers to choose from, marketing teams must expand their reach through a variety of platforms at their disposal.

We must leverage data and insights to drive customer experience and enhance personalization strategies and to give consumers the control that they demand. One of the best and most efficient ways marketing teams are doing this is by expanding and optimizing their omnichannel marketing strategies. 


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