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6 Steps for Building a Loyalty Program to Engage and Retain the Modern Consumer

When done right, your loyalty program can serve as the very core of your brand’s customer retention strategy. Follow these simple steps to crafting impactful loyalty initiatives for your Retail/DTC brand.

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    This step-by-step guide, full of insights directly from retail industry thought leaders at Theorem & Sailthru, will help your retail or direct-to-consumer brand craft a loyalty program that can enrich your brand experience and promote long-term success.

    How to determine which program model will generate the most engagement

    Exclusive perk ideas that will excite and entice customers to join your program

    Tips for building an impactful launch campaign and refining your program over time

    Future-Proofing Retail & DTC Brand Strategies

    We help retail and direct-to-consumer brands reduce the cost of new customer acquisitions, optimize customer engagement and maximize the lifetime value of their customers.