Theorem Disrupts Conventional Employee Evaluation Models with Award-Winning Solution

By Jay Kulkarni

Digital Marketing Solutions Leader, Theorem, Disrupts Conventional Employee Evaluation Models with Award-Winning Solution

Institution of Appraisal Score Card & Competency-Based Training Framework Awarded by Confederation of Indian Industry(CII)

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Bangalore, India—December 20, 2019—Theorem, the global industry leader in innovative digital marketing solutions, recently announced the implementation of its ground-breaking employee evaluation model, the Appraisal Score Card(ASC)& Competency-Based Training(CBT)Framework. 

This unique blending of frequent employee reviews and holistic approach to employee development gained the attention of the Confederation of Indian Industry(CII)who have awarded Theorem with one of the most prestigious recognitions for innovation in the industry, a CII Best HR Team Award. 

“This new approach is really a win-win for Theorem and our employees” says Jay Kulkarni, Founder and CEO of Theorem. “We set out to create a better system that would help our employees grow professionally.” continued Kulkarni, “We realized the best way to determine our focus was establishing a system for segmenting our employee’s skill sets into two categories; hard skills which are technically based and soft skills that more universally beneficial, like behavioral, leadership and communication skills.”

To create its groundbreaking new framework allowed the Theorem team to gain an accurate picture of where employee training would better facilitate professional growth.  While many companies utilize the bell curve method, and focus mainly on hard skill training, the Theorem team set it’s sights on implementing soft skill training for team members, across various skills an topics to better enable and prepare employees for career growth.

“We focused on desirable competencies that made sense for our employees and business. Then, we mapped these competencies to different levels within the organization based on desired skills required at that grade & role,” stated Anitha Aiyappa, Head of Human Resources at Theorem India PVT LTD.“This mapping identifies skills an individual needs training on to be successful in their career and it enables us to prepare individuals for their next level even before they are promoted, providing them a greater chance of success in their new position,” Aiyappa concluded.

Always on the cutting edge of innovative solutions, the Theorem team hopes that this new approach will help to reset the industry standards when it comes to employee evaluations and training, replacing the traditional and antiquated Bell Curve model.  

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The results of implementing this Appraisal Score Card, including accelerated career progression for employees and a significant reduction in attrition, speak for themselves.  Being recognized with one of the most distinguished honors in the industry only further validates the significance this new methodology will have on the industry. 

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