4 Innovative Marketing Strategies to Drive Platform Growth

In order to stay successful, platform marketers must remain innovative and pro-active in order to anticipate and adopt trends early on, enabling business growth and user adoption in such a crowded space. Smaller platforms can make a name for themselves among the increasingly competitive market and future-proof their business by implementing strategies and adopting technologies that allow for improved efficiency and scalability.

The Role of Digital Out-of-Home Advertising in the Endemic Era

While out-of-home advertising took a beating in 2020 due to COVID-19 lockdowns, it’s on the rebound in a big way in 2022. Digital innovations have modernized the channel in new and exciting ways, giving advertisers smart, impactful, and cost-effective opportunities to influence consumers while they’re away from their devices and navigating their physical worlds.

Zero-Party Data: It’s Not About Data Points, It’s About Context

The marketing community is abuzz with discussions about zero-party data and the sunsetting of the third-party cookie. What isn’t being focused on is zero-party data and how teams should collect and leverage it. It’s not just about building out forms, it’s about engagement and context.

10 D2C Marketing Strategies to Dazzle Customers Right Where They Are

Rather than letting the rapid influx of new ways to engage your customer base overwhelm you, start adopting a few new D2C marketing strategies that will best resonate with your customers.

Watch: Theories Episode 002 – Best Practices: Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

What is Dynamic Creative Optimization and how can it help marketers deliver greater personalization in their brand messaging? Here's our Theorem Theory.

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