The Modern Growth of Digital Advertising: How Retail Media Networks Are Changing the Game

In addition to providing a way for brands to extend their reach beyond their own digital media channels, RMNs make it easier for brands to target consumers with highly personalized ads powered by robust data.

How to Create a Conversion-Boosting Referral Program for Your D2C Brand

While there are many ways to structure your referral program, these essential steps serve as a promising foundation for one that motivates customers, streamlines operational tasks, creates awareness, and supports continuous optimization.

5 Heat Mapping Metrics to Supercharge Your D2C Website

Heat mapping is a cyclical process that champions data-based decision making, informed risk-taking, and a willingness to continuously improve. When you integrate heat mapping into your website decisions, your team creates a culture of learning that will benefit the growth of your D2C business now and for years to come.

D2C Beauty Brand Dip Shares 5 Tips to Make the Unboxing Experience a Memorable Event

Get tried-and-true tips to bolster your D2C brand’s unboxing experience from a beauty brand who excels at creating memorable brand moments.

Want to Boost Your Agency’s Efficiency? Automate These 4 Processes

In today’s overcrowded marketing landscape, agencies can no longer afford to manually perform the majority of their business tasks and processes. Process automation is essential for increasing efficiency, boosting productivity, and producing the most accurate and impactful data insights.

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